Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Related to VISA

1. How long does the student application can be tracked in EMGS system?

The duration takes about SEVEN (7) days

2. How long the duration of student pass to complete?

The duration takes about FOUR (4) to SIX (6) weeks

3. How can I apply for a scholarship?

There is 20% discount for international students who want to further study in Malaysia

4. Why my Visa got rejected?

Any rejection is made by Immigration Department. some of the possible reasons might be :

  • Often change course during stay in Malaysia
  • Poor examination result
  • Despite staying in Malaysia for quite sometimes, nothing accomplish / low achievement

However, these reasons subject by the Immigration

5. Can I change my course study?

Yes. However, you can change your course only once. We recommend the international student to apply for changing course within the first year of studies.

6. Why my VISA application delay?

The reason is possible because the incomplete document, pending payment, or the passport picture is not following EMGS’s rules.

7. Can I work here while studying?

Yes. However, you have to work during study vacation and are limited to these THREE (3) venues such as restaurants, groceries store, and petrol stations.

8. Can I work here after graduate?

Yes. Please check with UTeM International Centre (UIC)

9. How long the process of VISA Cancellation?

The visa processing duration is varying. Kindly refer to the Immigration Department of Malaysia or come down to the UIC office, we will assist you accordingly.

10. What are the requirements to get the acknowledgment letter for the dependent pass?

This is different case by case. Kindly contact us for further clarification.

11. How long is the duration for the renewal process?

The renewal process is different case by case. Kindly contact us for further information.

12. How to claim the personal bond?

Please refer to the Personal Bond Claim Form

13. What should be done if the receipt is missing?

Any receipt that is missing, a police report is needed. Then, the report shall be presented/provided to UTeM International Centre (UIC) to smoothen the process.

14. What are the options that I have if I want to renew my visa but the expiry date is still long from now?

This is different case by case. Kindly contact us for further clarification

15. Does the ferry ticket valid for visa cancellation other than flight tickets?

Each case will be treated differently, according to the latest rules and regulations by the authority. Please allow us to assist you, by contacting us directly.

16. If I want to change universities, what should I settle first and how long it will take for the application?

This is different case by case. Kindly contact us for further clarification

17. How long is the process of I-Card to ready?

Please refer to the UTeM International Centre (UIC)

18. When can I come and collect the insurance card?

The insurance card is now available in digital. Contact us for further instructions.

19. Is there any payments required for renewal, variation and progression application?

Please refer to the UTeM International Centre (UIC)

20. Can I pay for the insurance online?

The students are required to pay the insurance by using online banking straight to EMGS bank account (EMGS ESCROW ACCOUNT 1- MAYBANK 514057662341)

21. What are the requirement if I want to bring along my family?

Please refer to the UTeM International Centre (UIC)

22. If I am a PhD students, do I still need to print out the examination result?

The students are encouraging to have a hardcopy of all documents including examination results

23. Which hospitals that are paneled with UTeM?

Pusat Kesihatan Universiti (PKU) or Students Health Center is ready to provide its services to all registered students. Hospitals/Clinics are scarce in Melaka.

24. How long is the duration from UTeM to the hospitals?

The nearest Private Hospital is 15 minutes drive time. (Pantai Hospital)

25. What documents do I need to open a bank account?

  • Passport
  • Student Confirmation Letter from UTeM
  • Matric Card
  • Valid Student Visa

General Questions

1. What kind of public transport that is available from here?

You can use Grab Car Application by downloading the Apps or UTeM Buses.

2. What are the nearest mall to UTeM?

The nearest mall to UTeM is Mydin store which is the duration to arrive there if you use by car it takes 15 minutes only.

3. Is the any accommodations other than hostels here in UTeM?

There is apartments reserved for UTeM International students, you can check this link for more information:

4. How long the distance and duration from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka?

145 km (95.6 miles) or 2 hours.

5. How long the distance and duration from KLIA to Melaka?

136 km (84.5 miles) or 1 hour 43 minutes.

6. How long it takes from Singapore to Melaka?

239 km (148.5 miles) or 3 hour 8 minutes.

7. From the International Centre, how long it will take to go to Library?

About 20 minutes by walk.

8. If I do not stay in the UTeM hostel, does any transport available to fetch outsider students?

Please refer to the UTeM International Centre (UIC)

9. What kind of facilities that UTeM have to offer to student?

You can refer to these link:

For more inquiry:

Tel.: +606-2701554