Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

Established on 1st December 2000 as the 1st Technical Public University in Malaysia. Located in the UNESCO world heritage city of Melaka, Set within 766 acres of lush verdant landscape boasting state-of-the-art facilities in all its seven faculties. As a Focus University, UTeM boasts strengths in technical fields – namely Engineering, IT, and Management Technology. UTeM has cemented a reputation of being a source of high-quality engineering graduates with the capability of meeting the requirements of high-tech industries.

UTeM also has research competencies in areas that it has identified as being key to enhancing the University’s unique proposition and also contributes to the nation such as Green Technology, Systems Engineering, Human-Technology Interaction, and Emerging Technology. UTeM admits not only local but also international students and this includes students from Iraq, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Syria, Pakistan, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Tanzania, India, Somalia, Singapore, Qatar, Palestine, Libya, Iran, Ghana, France, Yemen, Nigeria, and Jordan.

Why UTeM?

UTeM is committed to the advancement of teaching and learning and the development of academic excellence across a comprehensive portfolio of academic programs at the diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. The Industrial Ph.D. is regarded as a niche for UTeM in collaboration with the industry in which the candidates conduct their research at their workplace. UTeM’s undergraduate and postgraduate students have in-depth specialization in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Information and Communication Technology, and Technology Management.

Through the curriculum, UTeM’s students are equipped with knowledge and understanding of real-world problems particularly designed to be practical and application-oriented. As such, UTeM’s graduates are essentially exposed to industry and business to be highly employable immediately upon graduation or successfully self-employed. The curriculum evolves from a common core of humanities, technopreneurship, mathematics and developed closely with industry experts and professional bodies so as to ensure the quality, standard and relevance meet the needs of the thriving industrial sectors and to produce highly-capable human capital for the development of Malaysia towards a high-income nation by 2020

It is, imperative to integrate teaching with research, making the best use of new teaching, learning, and information technologies. This is designed to encourage UTeM’s students to be creative and innovative and also to equip them with critical thinking, problem-solving and the desire to explore and be challenged intellectually.