My name is Siti Nuradibah Binti Zainal Abidin. I’m 22 years old from Johor Bahru. I’m currently a 3rd year Manufacturing Engineering student in UTeM. Initially, when I first join this student buddies program, I am so excited that this kind of program exist in order to help international students to be familiar with UTeM environment.

I was once a mobility student too, so I know the feeling of being in a different place from my home university. Through buddies program, I can make a new connection from people all around the world as well as help me improve my soft skills. I learnt how to communicate better with international students, improve my English communication skills, my cultural knowledge and my expanding my circle of friends.

Now, I have few friends from Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Making friends around the globe is important for a student like me because I can easily ask for their help whenever I go to their country and vice versa. I hope that more students will be interested in joining this program to help making some nice memories for the international students so that they will always remember our beloved university and country.