I am 1st year of Master of Science program in process manufacturing student. Being abroad can be exciting yet challenging. As a new student, adaptability and independency lifestyle to be at a new place is something not everyone had it.

But then everyone deserves to have the opportunities on experiencing the situation. Buddies are one of the families which care their international student welfare at the host universities. We could help to convenient their living here. It also a place where we as local student can interact and changeable idea or cultural sharing directly. And “they become our new family members”.

By joining this organization, I have learned how to improvise my communication skill, friendship values, perspective thinking, technical skills and much more. Basically every aspect in my life has improved tremendously. As one of Buddies, we do not really care what races, religions or ideology you are. We are totally same and equal from each other. I hope that in the future, the community in UTeM will know more about student buddies and what we actually do to help the International students in UTeM.

I hope we as the buddies member can contribute more to buddies society and the UTeM community even more by coming out with more events that will attract not only the international students but also the local student as well. Once you are buddies, you always be a family member. Thank you.

Best regards.