Why Mobility in UTeM?

UTeM’s vision in promoting knowledge through innovative teaching & learning, research and technical scholarship can be achieve by doing a technology and knowledge transfer program. One of the ways is promoting mobility program. UTeM offers variety of mobility program that cater varies program and student background. This will allow exchange students to immerse and enjoy the local culture, while expose local students to their friends from other part of the world.

The best way to find the mobility programs and activities, Kindly contact us a UTeM International Centre.

Becoming our family

You are now one step closer. Choosing UTeM as your study destination will not only assure you a strong academic scope through science and technology but also enable you to learn Malay as a foreign language (almost 300million speakers worldwide). We have MyBuddies program, which we have local students that will guide you throughout your stay here.

International Orientation Day that is organize by us is nothing like you have experience before. This is to make sure that all international student feels like home, welcomed and be our family. As a family from different background, getting to stay with students from many countries, coming from different backgrounds will help you learn to become culturally more sensitive towards your co-worker, friends and others whom you will come across in future days to come.

Program to Choose

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering

Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering

  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering

Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Information technology & Communication Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Media
  • Database Management
  • Software Development
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Security
  • Game Technology

Faculty of Technology Management and Technoprenership

  • Technopreneurship
  • Technology Management

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Power)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Automation & Robotics)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (Telecommunications)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology (Industrial Electronics)
  • Computer Engineering Technology (Computer Systems)
  • Electronics Engineering Technology
  • Technology in Electrical Maintenance System
  • Technology in Industrial ElectronicsRequired

Required Documents

  • Mobility application forms
  • A copy of passport
  • Nomination letter by Home university

Application Due Date

The application should be sent to us by June 10th for the semester 1 enrollment or by October 10th for semester 2 enrolment. Please feel free to contact us at intloff@utem.edu.my