UTeM International Centre (UIC)

UTeM international Centre (UIC) or UTeM International Office (IO) has been established since 2003. Since then, UIC has participated in many activities with collaborative relationships with universities and other institutions in many countries.

Our Vision

To strengthen and sustain the global reputation of UTeM.

Our Mission

To enhance university profiles in the international arena through networking and global linkages in academic, research, human capital development and administration.

Our Objectives

  1. To create and strengthen international relations through collaboration with universities and industrial partners.
  2. To provide the best services in coordinating internationalization activities.
  3. To coordinate the role of internationalization among different portfolios.
  4. To provide a competitive environment among local students and staff through internationalization activities.

Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter is our formal commitment to provide an efficient, accurate, friendly and effective service, and always be sensitive to the needs of international students.

Visa and Pass

We are committed to

  1. Send and process applications to EMGS within seven(7) working days.
  2. Receive passport from the international students and submit to EMGS within seven (7) working days.